By renting the PLANET BOUNCE, LLC and in consideration for the same, you agree to be legally responsible for the safety of everyone in the PLANET BOUNCE, LLC during your rental period.  A parent or guardian must be in the building for a party at all times. Before you rent the PLANET BOUNCE, LLC, you are required to visit the PLANET BOUNCE, LLC and to become familiar with the space, the bounces, and the other items contained in it. If you have questions about the space or its contents, please contact the PLANET BOUNCE, LLC before your rental period.

At the beginning of your rental, you are required to sign the waiver form at Planet Bounce, LLC and to have each of your guests or their parent or guardian sign it as well.


The Planet Bounce, LLC (PLANET BOUNCE, LLC), located at 2560 Washington Road, Canonsburg, PA 15317, is available for rental to the general public, for profit organizations as well as other non-profit organizations. All activities hosted in the PLANET BOUNCE, LLC must be child-friendly and appropriate. Planet Bounce, LLC reserves the right to decline to rent to individuals or organizations which intend to use the space for activities which, in the PLANET BOUNCE, LLC’s sole discretion, are deemed to conflict with the mission of Planet Bounce, LLC.


The general rental availability is as follows in 1 hour and 45 minute blocks, where the first hour of the party is solely on the Space Center and the 45 minute block is solely in the Party Room:

– Wednesday and Thursday 4p – 8p

– Saturday from 10a – 4p

– Sundays from 10a – 3p

Intergalactic parties occur outside of general rental availability and are subject to agreement by Planet Bounce management. Rental availability is for two hour blocks and rentor is allowed to use Space Center and two Party Rooms as they wish within reasonable usage.

PLANET BOUNCE, LLC cannot be held responsible for time delays for less than ten (10) minutes to any party due to unforeseen circumstances.

PLANET BOUNCE, LLC is available on a first-come first-served basis and may be reserved online at planetbouncepgh.com.

Persons considering rental of the PLANET BOUNCE, LLC are required to visit prior to renting to assure that the space is large enough to accommodate the number of expected guests and to become familiar with the space.

Persons renting the PLANET BOUNCE, LLC may bring in decorations that do not disfigure the walls in any manner.  Any decorations that are messy may be subject to an additional cleaning fee.  All personal decorations must be taken down from PLANET BOUNCE, LLC at the end of the event.  The use of tape, tacks, ribbon, thumbtacks or staples in a manner which disfigures walls, paint, or furnishings may result in forfeiture of the rental deposit.  Piñatas with pull strings are the only type allowed.  Any disfigurement of PLANET BOUNCE, LLC graphics or logos is not allowed.

Magicians, clowns, and other characters may come to any party to entertain the guests.


Failure to comply with these rules and guidelines could result in the forfeiture of all or part of your rental deposit, at the discretion of the Planet Bounce, LLC

– The person renting the PLANET BOUNCE, LLC is legally responsible for everyone who uses the facility during the rental period. Every adult party attendee must sign the waiver for themselves and their child(ren).
– Food must be consumed in the Lunar Café or Party Room areas (the tables and chairs on the floor or in one of the designated rooms).  Food and drink are not allowed near the bounces.
Outside food and drink are not permitted except for desserts which may be brought from an outside vendor.
– Alcohol is not permitted.
– Smoking is prohibited indoors.
– No pets.
– The space is only provided to the renter for their time block.  Planetary, Solar, and Galactic renters will receive 1 hour of bounce time in our Play Space Center followed by 45 minutes in our party room.  The renter and guests must leave the Space Center in conformance with the timeline as signed by the renter. Renters who do not leave the party room by the :45 minute mark of their party room time will be subject to additional fees.
– Each party will have a Party Flight Director who will keep the party on schedule
– Parents or guardians cannot drop off children.  The parent or guardian must be in the building at all times
– Planet Bounce is for bouncing, not running
– Flipping, somersaults or any kind of gymnastic move is not allowed on the inflatables or anywhere in our Space Center
– Socks must be worn at all times on the inflatables.   No one will be admitted without socks
– No head first sliding or trains on any of the slides or obstacle courses
– No sharp objects—we don’t want anything on you that could puncture the inflatables
– No climbing up the slides or anywhere that is not designated as a climbing area
– No rough housing or wrestling
– Bouncers should stay towards the center of the inflatables – at least 3 foot away from netting
– Adults may play on the inflatables but not at the same time as children – only like ages and sizes should play on inflatables at the same time
– Only enter inflatables from the entrance; do not go behind the inflatables
– No sitting, jumping, or leaning on any obstacle walls of inflatables
– No food, candy, gum or drinks are allow on or near the inflatables
– Women who are pregnant are not allowed on any of the inflatables


All rentals require a deposit. The deposit is $100 submitted to Planet Bounce, LLC or the paid in full reservation fee online through our website. To retain a reservation the deposit fee must be received within three days of making the reservation. The deposit fee will be retained by the PLANET BOUNCE, LLC for party cancellations made less than twenty-one days prior to rental date.

Deposits are applied to the cost of the party as long as the following provisions have been met: party fees have been paid in full, the completed waiver form has been returned within 3 days of the event (preferably the day of the event), all rules and guidelines above were upheld.

All rentors are required to pay final payments by the day of their party.  All rentors are responsible for making sure that your party fees are paid. Any rentors that do not pay their final payments prior to leaving the facility the day of your rental are subject to additional fees.

Rental fees are dependent upon party day and amount of children.  Please see the Parties Page for current party and food prices.

*weekend is considered after 3p Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday

Any additional fees for food, beverages, or other party related favors must be paid prior to the rental date.  NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK IS PERMITTED FOR WALK-INS.  Rentors who bring in any outside food or drinks including bottled water are subject to a $20 cleaning fee.

Cancellations of any scheduled dates must be made to Planet Bounce, LLC at least twenty-one days in advance of the rental date or the deposit is forfeited.

By agreeing to this contract you have read and understand the terms of your rental contract. By previously checking the box, paying deposit, verbally agreeing to contract via phone or while booking at Mission Control, you agree to the terms it contains or risk loss of deposit.  If any of  the terms of the contract are not followed, Planet Bounce, LLC may decide not to rent the space.