About Planet Bounce

We started planning for Planet Bounce in 2013 to give our kids and all the kids in the Pittsburgh area a fun and safe place to be kids.  After renting a bounce house for our son’s first birthday in 2012, we saw that bounce houses were a hit with kids and ADULTS!  We knew bounce houses were a perfect way to promote healthy exercise for children in a fun environment.  A year later, we started planning how to make an out of this world indoor inflatable bounce house play space.  As a family-run business, we understand the importance of a play space like this in our community.  We are all thrilled to get to share our space with you.

The Facility

Whether you call them moon bounces, bouncy houses, bounce houses, inflatables, bouncy castles, moonwalks, we simply call them fun! Our facility is conveniently located in the mall with four larger than life bounces. We’re the perfect indoor play space for those rainy days, hot days, snowy days, and any day you need to get up and bounce around!  As we grow, we will change bounces out so that kids get to have a different experience each time they come.  We have two party rooms which are automatically assigned in order of parties booked.  Our friendly staff is here to help you have a out of this world experience so let us know if there is any way we can make your experience stellar!

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General Questions

Is there an age limit?

Planet Bounce is perfect for walking toddlers to 12 year olds during open play. We do not recommend that non-walkers and young toddlers use the equipment.  Older than 12 and want to bounce?  Click Book a Party and select Intergalactic to schedule your private party!

How long can my kids play?

Your kids can stay and play as long as they would like during your open hours.  We reserve the right to limit play during busy hours.

Once you leave the Planet Bounce Space Center, you cannot re-enter.

Can parents play on the inflatables?

We encourage parents to have fun with their kids and interact while on the bounces.  There are some rules for safety of both parents and children.  All recommended weight limits must be followed.  Most bounces allow a max of 250 pounds.  Like sized adults or children should bounce at the same time.    Parents cannot make trains or hold children in their laps on slides.

We reserve the right to limit bounces to children during busy periods.

Party Questions

Is a deposit required?

Yes, a deposit of $100 and review of your copy of the contract is required before your party is booked.  Party contracts are visible when booking a party and are emailed when parties are booked over the phone or in person at Mission Control.  Each party host agrees to the party contract by booking and paying the deposit.

Do I have to know my head count and other options when I reserve my party?

You do not.  You Party Flight Director will call you 4-5 days in advance to confirm all the details.  All parties are considered up to the max participants.  For example, a Planetary Party can have 1 up to 15 Cadets.

Intergalactic parties can comfortably fit 75-100 children and adults.

Which party room will I be in?

Planetary, Solar, and Galactic Parties are automatically assigned to one of our two rooms based on time of booking.

Intergalactic party hosts can use both spaces as well as the bounce floor for 2 hours with only your party guests!

When can I pick up my free invites?

You will receive an e-mail from our Party Flight Coordinator within 24 hours of paying your deposit to confirm details and give you instructions for your party.

Can I bring my own goodie bags, balloons, or themed paper goods?

You can!  Basic plates, silverware, cups, and napkins are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own themed items. Goodie bags that include food/snacks/candy must be passed out at the end of the party.

Can I use my own decorations in the room?

Our rooms in decorated in a gender neutral manner with space/modern accents.  You can bring additional decorations such as signs and tablecloths, but you cannot use tape on our walls. You can bring in pull string piñatas, but any glitter, confetti, or messy decorations will require us to charge a clean up fee.

What happens if my guests or I arrive late? Can I get a time extension?

We run a tight ship with multiple parties on the weekends.  If you or your guests arrive late, we cannot extend your time.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel my party?

All changes must be made more than 21 days in advance.  Any parties that are cancelled after that time period are subject to forfeiture of the deposit.

I tried to book my party online, but it didn't work. What can I do?

If you did not complete the payment through Paypal, the time slot you selected will appear as unavailable for 1 hour.  You can try to book again after 1 hour.  Make sure if you are using a mobile phone that you click the “If using a mobile device, click here” button.  If you continue to have difficulty, please call us during open hours for assistance.

Party Questions

Can I bring in my own food and drinks?

Yes…no problem! We also provide a mini fridge stocked with water for your  party guests.

Can I order additional pizzas for the adults coming?

Absolutely!  Our Party Flight Director will contact you prior to your party to discuss how many pizzas and beverages you will need for your party.  Price information will be sent in the party guide 24-48 hours after you book your party.

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