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 Open Bounce for walking toddlers to 12 year olds

We welcome anyone to join us for an out of this world time bouncing any time we’re open!

Check out our launch hours!


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Planet Bounce is perfect for walking toddlers to 12 year olds during open play. We do not recommend that non-walkers and young toddlers use the equipment.  Older than 12 and want to bounce?  Click Book a Party and select Intergalactic to schedule your private party!
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Your kids can stay and play as long as they would like during your open hours.  We reserve the right to limit play during busy hours. Once you leave the Planet Bounce Space Center, you cannot re-enter.

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We encourage parents to have fun with their kids and interact while on the bounces.  There are some rules for safety of both parents and children.  All recommended weight limits must be followed.  Most bounces allow a max of 250 pounds.  Like sized adults or children should bounce at the same time.  Parents cannot make trains or hold children in their laps on slides. We reserve the right to limit bounces to children during busy periods.


Non-walking infants and adults are always free

10% Military discount on Open Bounce only with ID

Perfect for ages 2-12

Follow us on Facebook for announcements about Special Events

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Come and Play!

Our play center features bounces, slides, jumps, obstacles courses and more to keep all ages happy!

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At Planet Bounce, safety is our number one priority!  We promise you:

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  • Clean and well-lit play areas supervised by our trained staff
  • All inflatables sanitized with Matt-Kleen, eliminating up to 99.9 percent of germs
  • PA Certified bounces inspected by state certified inspectors
  • 24 hour outside video monitoring
  • No adults will be permitted without children
  • We’re conveniently located next door to the North Strabane Fire Department for added safety


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And some friendly reminders…



Make sure to bring socks for your kids!  We require that socks be worn at all times in the play areas.  Socks are available for sale at Mission Control.

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We cater to adults from flat screen TVs and high speed wifi to various comfortable seats, tables, and beverages available at the Lunar Café.  We recommend that adults monitor their children’s activity at all times.